Fenicia Charme. Il futuro dell'interior design

A company dedicated to the hotel contract, working to personalize hotels, villas and shops.

A company with a mission to address the excellent taste, capable of satisfying any customer request with new suggestions and creative proposals.

A company operating in the field of psycho-physic wellness in every of its dimensions, ranging from an integrated beauty farm to a wellness-room thanks to the acquisition of the Welling company.

A company with skilled management able to assist and listen to customer requests and consequentially able to design and produce suites, rooms, equipments and fittings, lights arrangement, panels and complex decorations for any spaces of hotels, restaurants and luxury villas.

All productions are supported by an amazing handcraft accuracy and, on the same time, by a large production, potentially supported by a competitive economical offer on the market, maintaining the best quality.

Fenicia can offer the most elegant and actual design, as well as traditional solutions, each associated with the comfort of the modern style and with the elegance of classic solutions.

Fenicia always proposes an accurate research of complete integrations, able to highlight expressions and able to identify every commercial spaces as a "large home" One common ground: charme and style, just those offered by Fenicia and its young founders and shareholders.